Hello from Germany!

Hello from Germany!

I’ve moved to Hamburg now. I have a new band called the Rebel Lovers with Ingo Braeuning. He plays rocking drum grooves and I supply bass, chords, vocals, stomp and MC duties. Working with a great rhythm man is like giving my motor a turbocharge! You will definitely have to come check out the Rebel Lovers soon.

My other band is Whiskey & Women. We are based in the U.S. still; I fly back to California to tour with this fun, folk-rock female band. Also, Joan and Rosie fly to Europe once or twice a year to come on tour with me in France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. (So far.) You can check out our sound at whiskeyandwomenmusic.com

These days, with all the traveling, it’s easier to find me here on the internet than on my phone. Feel free to contact me at squeezeboxgoddess@gmail.com if you have questions about booking, tours, or diatonic accordions. I’ll do my best to answer you in a timely fashion. If you don’t hear back within two weeks, please send your inquiry again. I handle a lot of email so sometimes messages slip through the cracks.

So, that’s why I’m posting a picture of me working on the computer! Here I am, most days, from many countries, bringing a touring artist-life into existence.

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