Rainy January Day in Hamburg

The weather turned from a deep moisting fog to a rainstorm today. Clouds so thick across a sun so low that it feels like evening for most of the day. This is a good day for warm fires and music practice, work promoting the Accordion Babes 2015 Pin-Up Calendar, and for reheating leftovers in a buttery skillet. Do you have your calendar for this year yet, reader? Or do you need a belated holiday gift for an accordion-loving friend? Or do you want some of my left-overs? (Just kidding. You can only have my leftovers while you’re my couch-surfing host! I can’t ship them from Germany.)

You can still order the calendar here: http://www.accordionpinupcalendar.com/

I have the 2015 Edition for sale featuring the beautiful Jet Black Pearl (a.k.a. Jetty Swart) on the front cover. Also 12 other women including Cajun Accordion Queen Sarah Savoy, Brazilian artist Adriana Sanchez, and more. I’m in this calendar, too, of course! I’m Miss October and track 4 on the CD. What, it comes with a CD? Duh, of course it comes with a CD. How can we prove that we’re real Accordion Babes, unless you can hear us play?

My partner Ingo and I made a cartoon music video for the song which we contributed to the Accordion Babes 2015 CD. It shows a cartoon wolf playing accordion which was super fun to create. Ingo made a theater out of recycled materials and we scrounged a bunch of cardboard and wood and painted a miniature world.  Our band the Rebel Lovers wrote the song in collaboration with fantasy novelist Peter S. Beagle, a song called “Wolves are Cool”. I think wolves are pretty cool… and I hope you think our video is pretty cool.

Froeliches Neues Jahr Aus Hamburg!


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